Hi! My name is Jaron. Welcome to the Promenade Deck of geminispaceport.

I like synthesizers and sound, creative code and tiny games. I am compulsively creative, but it sure feels like I haven't made much of anything lately. :(

manic pixie dumb boy. a long human, whomst is afraid always.

he/him, bi/pan


The name of this capsule is a reference to/extension of my personal site on the web: cyberspaceport at Neocities. A lovingly garish collage of Geocities Old Web sci-fi.

Spaceport Directory

~Dream Kiosk~ \\ dream journals dating back more than four years

::Holodeck:: \\ memories-as-text

Gemini Expedition Tools

This capsule is hosted at Flounder, an incredibly straightforward and friendly portal into geminispace that allows me to edit and upload pages right from my smartphone (from your web browser of choice).

Flounder in geminispace

Flounder in cyberspace

I use Ariane to browse on my Android device:

Ariane in geminispace

Ariane in cyberspace

I use Lagrange to browse on my desktop device:

Lagrange in geminispace

Lagrange in cyberspace

Gemini Links

JP LeBreton made me aware of gemini via a post on social media. He is a game developer who streams random Doom WADs just about every Wednesday, and he has created an ASCII game/art tool called Playscii, among many other creative endeavors.


Somebody has shared some of the original Choose Your Own Adventure novels in gemini format!

Choose Your Own Adventure 18 - Underground Kingdom

Choose Your Own Adventure 19 - Secret of the Pyramids


I've been poking around the user directories of various gemini hosts and it can be a fun way to quickly discover and explore personal capsules/gemlogs.






Personal Links on The Web

These links will take you off-planet, from geminispace to cyberspace, to some of my ongoing creative endeavors.

My Mastodon profile. Say hello!

My Twitter profile. Say hello? aaaah.


Anodyne Institute is a fictional research campus and experimental sound lab. We've got echo chambers in a salt mine located beneath a lake. We would like to make all of the sounds.

Anodyne Institute video tapes are available on YouTube, and feature esoteric synthesizer demos, tutorials, and performances.

Mundane Space Adventures is all about simple tasks and quiet moments in a whimsical sci-fi universe. Meant to encompass multiple forms of media, currently available as a synthesized soundtrack.