some kind of indoor office complex from the late eighties

january 4, 2020

On a family road trip, current age (32). We stop at a Trader Joe's in a very 'business park' part of an unknown suburban city. The store is circus/carnival-themed, with lots of pastel pinks. It's also huge, with separate towering rooms in place of aisles. It clearly used to be some kind of indoor office complex from the late eighties, with dark glass windows overhead, an atrium with an artificial tiled river and fountain. Plants in concrete garden beds. It contrasts harshly with the circus theme. I'm obsessed with it. Even inside the dream I mention that I want to recreate it as a Doom WAD.

In a large mall complex I visit the indoor theater to get a ticket for the newest Star Wars. I ask for 'one for Star Wars', assuming I'll get a ticket for the upcoming screening at 5pm or so. My ticket is a giant piece of heavy paper. I take it and explore the mall a bit, before double-checking the ticket and seeing that it's actually for A Star is Born, showing at 11:56pm. The runtime says '3 hours and 90 minutes'.

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