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When I became aware of geminispace, one of my first thoughts was that the text-based format would be perfect for dream journals. I've evidently been documenting my dreams since 2016 using Google Keep, which is convenient-but-gross. Now they will live here.

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A funny thing happened as I began going back in time and reading some of these. On the same day, I was scrolling through my social media history (going back roughly an equal number of years) looking for a very specific video post. (I had turned the music from the Doom II level 'The Pit' into a retro sci-fi synth tune lol.) I found my personality in those posts a bit grating and difficult to reconcile with who I am now, but the thoughts and feelings expressed in these journals - even the stressful ones - made me feel happier and a little more self-assured somehow.

I enjoy how some are brief and perhaps oddly universal despite how strange they are, and how others are detailed, specific, and personal.

Dream Journal

2020-12-15 \\ superstore lumberyard & mountain beach house

2020-06-29 \\ suburbia, pa

2020-01-04 \\ some kind of indoor office complex from the late eighties

2019-07-26 \\ shamblers

2019-02-11 \\ and now the pallets are literally crawling with other babies

2017-01-10 \\ thrift city

2016-09-12 \\ a hotel inside the grounds of my high school

2016-09-11 \\ in a public space lying on an operating table

2016-09-09 \\ cruise ship on venus

Dream Portal

Other people are recording their dreams in geminispace as well. I will share some as I find them (which feels odd-yet-neat..?)